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Hello! I'm Yolanda.

I'm a fourth year majoring in genetics and data science at UC Berkeley, set to graduate in 2022. When I'm not in class, you can often find me making art, cooking, or doing bioinformatics research.

When I was in middle school, my dad had me cold email biology professors to ask for mentorship. In hindsight, no professor has that kind of time, but while researching I came across the concept of predicting protein folding. It happened that a Nobel Prize-winning professor was researching that exact question. Seeing high-achieving scientists working on the same topics you are interested in was inspirational to twelve-year-old me. I set my sights on proteomics and genomics and haven't looked back.

In my free time, I enjoy watching the sunset, reading a good book, making matcha, and watching gaming streams. Above all, I try to listen and learn as much as I can to be empathetic person and a sincere friend.

Some fast facts:

Research interests  |  Genomics, data-driven impact, gene regulation
Ongoing projects   |  Markovian evolution modeler, data analysis on Berkeley PhD students, and COVID spike protein predictor
Other interests   |  Travel plannning, American football, drinking coffee, playing puzzle games, exercising

National Parks

The biggest item on my bucket list is to visit all 63 American National Parks. One project that I will be working on is an interactive map tracker. Parks that I've visited will be colored, and clicking on a region will show you details of both the park and my personal visits. It will be a difficult but amazing combination of code and design.

Until this project comes to fruition, here is some generic and personal data on the parks. Generic data from Wikipedia. Below is as a preliminary planning sketch for the project. I hope you are excited about nature as I am!